The food revolution

There’s a full scale food revolution sweeping the world. We’ve never understood it more. Appreciated it more. Shared more or had access to more. Food blogs democratised it. Instagram and SnapChat changed how we discover it. Foodies can fuel their obsession in any way they like. They can know where every ingredient came from. How it got to their plate. They know what flavor combinations are hot right now. Where to go for the perfect Ramen, or oyster or IPA or, er, surprise me. They can buy the perfect knives the perfect glasses, the perfect table, the perfect lighting. They can find reviews, write reviews, make books about it.
But the food revolution forgot about one thing that affects everything. Temperature. Everything you eat or drink matters. Everything you eat or drink also has a perfect temperature. It can make it or break it. Well now Ember helps people control it. The perfect time to eat or drink something is no longer fleeting. Because Ember has brought a new frontier to food and drink. The power of temperature control. The power of mastering the time when they have the perfect drink at the right temperature.