Ceramic Mug Bundle

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For a limited time, order the Ceramic Mug 2-Pack for you and a loved one or gift to a deserving pair.

Beautifully designed to be used in your home or at your desk, the Ember® Ceramic Mug keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop.

The Ember App

The Ember Ceramic Mug is a connected device that requires the use of the Ember app. The Ember app will notify you once your drink has reached your preferred temperature.


Remotely adjust to your ideal temperature

Personalize your LED color

Choose and save your presets for different drinks

Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Download the Ember app for your phone or watch

Ceramic Mug Product Details

What's in the box:

  • Ember Ceramic Mug
  • Charging Coaster

Product Specs:

  • Capacity: 295ml 
  • Weight: 340g 
  • Size: 106mm x 82mm x 109mm
  • Temperature range: 50° - 62.5°C
  • IPX7 rated (fully submersible under water) 
  • Cleaning: hand wash only