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French Roast Blend | Dark Roast

Equator's French Roast Blend offers rich flavors with subtle smoky nuances, sweet and chocolate notes, and fruity undertones, poised to be your morning ritual staple.


Equator's darkest roast. And with dark roasts, comes rich flavor! Equator's French Roast Blend crafts subtle smoky nuances, preserving a delightful interplay of sweetness and chocolate with fruity undertones. This exquisite brew will easily become the new staple in your morning coffee ritual.


Roast: Dark

Tasting Notes: Rich and smoky with flavors of bittersweet chocolate, dried plum, and walnut.

Type: Whole Bean

Origin: Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Sumatra

Elevation: 2,953 - 6,550 feet

Varietals: Various

Process: Washed, Wet-Hulled

About Equator Coffees

What began in a garage in 1995 has blossomed into an environmentally conscious, sustainable, woman-owned business that has produced incredible award-winning coffee. To this day, it remains Equator's mission to lead by example, continuously demonstrating production transparency and accountability from 'bean to sip'.

Why we like it

Woman-owned business, Certified organic, fair trade, sustainably produced, and proceeds from this blend aid in funding for programs that benefit women.

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