A note to our valued customers

Beginning February 27th, you will see an increase in prices across the Ember Mug collection. This increase is due to ongoing global challenges, including supply disruptions, material cost increases, and rising freight costs.

Delivering a premium product experience, from the moment you open our box to the last sip of your favorite hot beverage, is essential to us. These upcoming price changes will ensure we can continue delivering this to our loyal customers.

New MSRP Effective February 27th

Product Current price Price as of 2/27/22
Ember Mug - 10 oz $99.95 USD $129.95 USD
Ember Mug - 14 oz
Metallic Collection - 10 oz
$129.95 USD $149.95 USD
Metallic Collection - 14 oz $149.95 USD $179.95 USD
Ember Travel Mug $179.95 USD $199.95 USD