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Firebelly's ceremonial-grade matcha, made from shade-grown, first-harvest leaves stone-milled to perfection, offering a fresh, earthy taste with sweet umami and natural creaminess.


Our incredibly creamy, ceremonial-grade matcha is the highest quality out there. Shade-grown for 3 weeks and carefully stone-milled from first-harvest leaves only, Firebelly matcha contains the highest levels of L-theanine and other nutrients. It’s fresh and earthy with a hint of sweet umami and an amazing, natural creaminess.


Tasting Notes: Sweet creamy umami with earthy tones

Varietals: 100% Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha

Process: Shade grown, stone milled

About Firebelly Tea

Started by the Founder of DAVIDsTEA, Firebelly Tea crafts the best loose-leaf teas and tea accessories on the planet. Our teas contain 100% Real Ingredients - no flavorings, additives, or sweeteners. Our Award-Winning accessories are uniquely designed to ensure the ultimate tea-drinking experience.

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