Everyday People Coffee & Tea

Bali Blue Single Origin | Medium-Dark Roast

Experience the distinct taste of Balinese coffee from Everyday People, a harmonious blend from the mineral-rich volcanic soils of Kintamani, embodying the island's deep connection between people and nature.
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Discover the unique flavor of Balinese coffee, grown in the fertile volcanic soils of the Kintamani highlands at an elevation of 1,200 feet. These beans, rich in minerals and nutrients, display a captivating blue hue before roasting, delivering a harmonious brew that reflects the connection between people and nature in Balinese culture.


Roast: Medium / Dark

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, molasses & brown sugar

Type: Whole Bean

Origin: Kintamani Highlands of Bali

Elevation: 1200-1600M

Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor

Process: Hand picked, wet-hulled and 2 step drying on raised rocks.

About Everyday People Coffee & Teas

A black owned and women-owned specialty coffee and tea company. Their coffee is ethically sourced, sustainably grown and roasted in small batches all while maintaining eco-friendly sustainable practices. Everyday People believes in the power of giving back to make the world a better place. A percentage of their sales supports organizations involving youth education and nature conservation efforts to protect our planet.

Why we like it

It's a unique single origin coffee that's organic and grown by smallholder farmers.

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