Equator Coffees

Equator Blend | Medium-Dark Roast

Equator's signature blend combines coffees from the world's finest regions, offering an incredibly smooth and complex flavor.


The blend of all blends. Equator's self-titled blend features coffees from a variety of the world's finest coffee-growing regions. This globe-trotting blend brews an incredibly smooth and complex coffee that is just as good on its own as it is paired with your favorite milk.


Roast: Medium / Dark

Tasting Notes: Mellow and complex with flavors of cedar, apricot, marzipan, milk chocolate, and nutmeg.

Type: Whole Bean

Origin: Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia, and Honduras

Elevation: 3,600 - 7,050 feet

Varietals: Various

Process: Wet-Hulled, Washed

About Equator Coffees

What began in a garage in 1995 has blossomed into an environmentally conscious, sustainable, woman-owned business that has produced incredible award-winning coffee. To this day, it remains Equator's mission to lead by example, continuously demonstrating production transparency and accountability from 'bean to sip'.

Why we like it

Woman-owned business, Certified organic, fair trade, and sustainably produced.

How to brew

  1. Dose: 45g
  2. Grind: Medium
  3. Brew Weight: 720g
  4. Brew Time: 4-5 minutes
  1. Dose: 24g
  2. Grind: Medium-fine
  3. Brew Weight: 360g
  4. Brew Time: 3:30 minutes
French Press: 
  1. Dose: 25-45g
  2. Grind: Coarse
  3. Brew Weight: 375-675g
  4. Brew Time: 4 minutes

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