Feast Coffee & Culture

Planadas Decaf | Medium-Dark Roast

This decaf packs a punch in all of the right areas for a late night cup. Pairing this coffee with an after dinner brownie just feels right. Notes of Dried Cherry, Dark Chocolate & Vanilla

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee


A decaf coffee so rich and flavorful it'll have you questioning if it's even decaf in the first place. With notes of dried cherry, dark chocolate, and vanilla, you'll have the perfect cup of coffee pairing with your after-dinner dessert.


Roast: Medium / Dark

Tasting Notes: Dried Cherry, Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla

Type: Ground Decaf

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Process: Washed, Sugar-Cane Process

About Feast Coffee

Founded by friends at a dinner in 2016, Feast Coffee & Culture is more than a craft-driven roaster; it's a celebration of coffee diversity. With its base of operations in Redding, California, Feast actively engages with the local community through food gatherings and warm conversations. Beyond their commitment to exceptional coffee, Feast builds meaningful connections with coffee producers, ensuring sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Why we like it

Ethically sourced, sustainable production techniques, celebrate cultural diversity through their love of coffee, and community engagement.

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