Methodical Coffee

Play Nice | Medium Roast

Methodical's 'Play Nice' is a versatile blend that suits every taste, perfect for bold espressos, morning drips, or milk-based drinks, named for its seamless compatibility with all brewing methods.


Introducing 'Play Nice,' a versatile blend designed to please every palate. Crafted to excel in various brews, whether as a bold espresso, a comforting morning drip, or a harmonious pairing with milk, its name reflects its ability to get along seamlessly with any brewing method or flavoring.


Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, brown sugar & berries

Origin: Guatemala and Ethiopia

Varietals: 70% Ixlama, 30% Guji Natural

Process: Washed and Natural

About Methodical

Methodical Coffee is on a mission to bring people together and expand people's minds and palates. They accomplish this centering their product around community, connection, craft, and complexity.

Why we like it

Fair Trade coffee that is ethically sourced from family farms

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