Clevr Blends

Rose Cocoa SuperLatte



Indulge in a hot chocolate like no other – a velvety, floral chocolate elixir crafted to elevate your mood and boost your spirits. Meticulously taste-tested by baristas, it's a simple 'just-add-water' delight for you to savor.


Origin: Ecuador

Process: Roses are compressed to maximize medical properties. Mushrooms are water extracted; Ashwagandha is full spectrum extracted. Cacao is shade-grown, regenerative cacao from the coastal rainforests.

Tasting Notes: Velvety, floral dark chocolate


Clevr is a Santa Barbara based, women-led adaptogenic coffee company on a mission to spread the magic of plants to the world. Their mission is to practice ethical sourcing and giving back to create more green farming.

Why we like it

An easy, guilt-free coffee alternative that allows you to create your favorite barista inspired drinks. Each purchase donates to food justice.

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