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Royal Chrysanthemum Tea




Indulge in the rare and fragrant Chrysanthemum Tea, crafted from the Royal Chrysanthemum flower variety, a beloved beverage in the East for millennia. Praised for its gentle flavor, this tea offers soothing benefits for both body and mind, aiding lung health and inflammation reduction, while its light, sweet, and floral profile can be relished hot or cold, and even used as an ingredient in various beverages and dishes, from chrysanthemum jelly to mocktails. Whether you seek relaxation or a wellness boost, Chrysanthemum Tea is the ideal selection.


Origin: Jiangxi, China

Varietals: This variety of Chrysanthemum is known as Royal Chrysanthemum which was often gifted to the Royal family during the Song Dynasty


An herbal tea company that believes in the healing and spiritual powers of whole flower teas. Every product is hand picked, small family farm produced, sustainably sourced, no added preservatives, vegan, and 100% traceable.

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