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S.O. Blend | Medium Roast

The 'S.O. Blend' from Coava features a seasonally influenced, balanced coffee with specialty beans offering caramel sweetness, chocolate layers, fruit notes, and crisp acidity for your daily go-to cup.
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The 'S.O. Blend' is the culmination of years of dedication and strong partnerships with coffee producers, resulting in a beautifully balanced, seasonally influenced coffee that showcases the finest from Coava's most cherished coffee regions. Comprising top-quality specialty beans from East Africa, Central America, and South America, it offers a delightful blend of caramel sweetness, layered chocolate with intricate fruit notes, and a refreshing crisp acidity, making it your go-to daily cup.


Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Honeycrisp apple, dark caramel & chocolate covered fruit

Type: Whole Bean

Origin: The Americas & East Africa

Elevation: 1200-1800 meters

Varietals: Regionally Dependent

Process: Washed and Natural

About Coava

A Portland rooted specialty coffee company that strives for quality in everything they do. Coava is defined as unroasted or "green" coffee is the cornerstone of philosophy for this company and encompasses how they source, process, and roast their coffee. Something that stands out about Coava is their relationships they have with their producers. "Our coffee is only as good as the green coffee we get from producing regions, so we seek out the very best." Coava currently has longstanding relationships with over 27 sustainable coffee producers all over the world ranging from South America to Indonesia.

Why we like it

We appreciate Coava's deep commitment to sustainability and their producers.

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