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Southern Weather Extractions

Onyx Extractions are premium coffee concentrates that provide specialty coffee in an infallible, shelf-stable, ready-to-use liquid form, creating a new intersection of convenience and quality in the specialty coffee industry. Extractions is the first specialty grade premium coffee extract that shows true flavor profiles and showcases the terroir of different producers and farms from around the globe.


"No equipment, no problem" with Onyx's Southern Weather Extractions you can enjoy this amazing roast at the twist of a cap anytime, anywhere. This extraction is shelf-stable and was pulled perfectly ensuring great consistent coffee flavor in every cup.


Roast: Medium / Dark

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, plum, candied walnuts, juicy & citric finish

Type: Concentrate

Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia

Elevation: 1850M

Process: Washed, professionally extracted

About Onyx Coffee Labs

Embracing a "Never Settle for Good Enough" philosophy has become the driving force behind Onyx's exceptional coffees and teas. Their relentless pursuit of the finest products takes them to various corners of the world, where they meticulously select and roast beans or harvest their tea blends. This commitment to quality extends to their transparent pricing and trade data, allowing customers to trace the journey of each product, from farm to cup. Moreover, their dedication to education shines through comprehensive training programs, ensuring that everyone, from baristas to coffee/tea enthusiasts, can savor the excellence and warm hospitality that define Onyx's cafes and products.

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