Firebelly Tea

Tea Strainer | Loose Leaf Teas

Introducing your new go-to for hassle-free loose leaf tea brewing. This laser-perforated strainer effortlessly fits into any mug, making steeping a breeze.



This practical tea steeper ensures a mess-free experience. Once your tea is perfectly steeped, transfer the strainer to the resting cup, allowing the laser-perforated mesh to capture even the tiniest particles.


Type: Loose Leaf

About Firebelly Tea

Started by the Founder of DAVIDsTEA, Firebelly Tea crafts the best loose leaf teas and tea accessories on the planet. Our teas contain 100% Real Ingredients - no flavorings, additives, or sweeteners. Our Award-Winning accessories are uniquely designed to ensure the ultimate tea drinking experience.

Why we like it

Innovative design, easy to clean, and makes brewing loose leaf tea anywhere a breeze.

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