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Tropical Weather | Light-Medium Roast

Tropical Weather blend by Onyx celebrates Ethiopia with a mix of washed and naturally processed coffees, offering floral, berry, plum notes, and sweet tea-like tannins for a year-round summer taste.


Tropical Weather, a seasonal blend, pays tribute to Ethiopia, a cherished coffee-producing nation. By blending a freshly washed coffee with delicate florals and juicy textures mixed with a naturally processed coffee bursting with pungent fruits and natural sugars, achieves a harmonious flavor profile greater than the sum of its components. With its floral aroma, hints of berries and plum, and the tannins and sweetness reminiscent of sweet tea, Tropical Weather promises a year-round taste of summer.


Roast: Light / Medium

Tasting Notes: Mixed berries, Sweet tea, raw honey, plum

Type: Whole Bean

Origin: Ethiopia

Elevation: 1900M

Process: Washed, Natural

About Onyx Coffee Lab

Embracing a "Never Settle for Good Enough" philosophy has become the driving force behind Onyx's exceptional coffee. Their relentless pursuit of the finest coffees takes them to various corners of the world, where they meticulously select and roast beans, utilizing solar energy for sustainability. This commitment to quality extends to their transparent pricing and trade data, allowing customers to trace the journey of each coffee, from farm to cup. Moreover, their dedication to education shines through comprehensive training programs, ensuring that everyone, from baristas to coffee enthusiasts, can savor the excellence and warm hospitality that define Onyx's cafes and products.

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