Bottle Brush


Safely clean all of your Ember products with the Bottle Brush.

  • Made of premium stainless steel and BPA free plastics.
  • Soft non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip, even when wet.
  • Strong bristles can easily remove stubborn coffee stains.
  • Works great on all ember mug sizes.

*Mug sold separately.

Product Details

Bottle Brush Product Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Bottle Brush?

Simply add a small amount of soap and water to your mug, and use the Bottle Brush to create a lather.

How do I clean my Bottle Brush?

The Bottle Brush is top rack, dishwasher safe. Do not microwave, boil, or steam sterilize.

Which Ember products are compatible with the Bottle Brush?

The Bottle Brush is compatible with all Ember products but is especially useful with Ember Travel Mugs because of the reach provided by the long handle. The bristles are nylon so they won’t scratch interior or exterior surfaces.

How should I store my Bottle Brush?

The best method is to use the eyelet on the handle to store your brush on a hook. When completely dry, the brush can also be stored with other utensils in a regular kitchen drawer, basket or holder but avoid putting pressure on the bristles which may distort their shape and diminish their effectiveness.