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Lavender Chamomile Rooibos Teabags | Sachets

Onyx's Lavender Chamomile Rooibos sachets are ideal for relaxation after a long day. Experience a silky, caffeine-free herbal tea blending American Lavender, Egyptian Chamomile, and South African Rooibos with notes of florals, honey, and apples.


This herbal blend is a harmonious marriage of American Lavender, and Egyptian Chamomile flowers blended with Rooibos from the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa. Get ready to experience a silky cup of tea with notes of florals, sweet honey, and apples. Because this tea contains zero caffeine, it's the perfect cup of tea to have after a long day so you can wind down and relax.


Tasting Notes: Florals, apple, honey, silky texture.

Type: Sachets

Origin: Cape Floristic Region, South Africa

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Embracing a "Never Settle for Good Enough" philosophy has become the driving force behind Onyx's exceptional coffees and teas. Their relentless pursuit of the finest products takes them to various corners of the world, where they meticulously select and roast beans or harvest their tea blends. This commitment to quality extends to their transparent pricing and trade data, allowing customers to trace the journey of each product, from farm to cup. Moreover, their dedication to education shines through comprehensive training programs, ensuring that everyone, from baristas to coffee/tea enthusiasts, can savor the excellence and warm hospitality that define Onyx's cafes and products.

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