The Espresso Obsessed

In the Bundle

Ember Cup, 6 oz, Black

Ideal for espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos, cortados, and flat whites.

Sightglass Coffee | Owl's Howl Espresso

12 oz bag of whole bean coffee with a tasting notes of cacao, stone fruit, and candied orange peel.

About the Bundle

Every budding barista needs a sleek Ember Cup for espresso that makes latte pours a snap and lets you enjoy your cortado or macchiato at your own pace. A deluxe espresso Cup deserves a top-notch espresso to match. Look no further than Owl’s Howl espresso, Sightglass’s flagship roast that delivers a balanced and refined experience. This bundle is sure to elevate your espresso game to new heights as you savor every nuanced flavor at the perfect temperature.