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9 Easy Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

September 29, 2021

Coffee. We drink it, we love it, we live it. However, many people don’t know how the trend made it to the United States. American coffee lovers have the Boston Tea Party of 1773 to thank for the adoption of coffee as our nation’s preferred A.M. beverage. After the colonies rebelled against King George III’s tea tax, many people boycotted tea and switched to coffee as their hot beverage of choice. Our taste has stood the test of time, and more than two centuries later, our country is still buzzing for coffee. Now, every October 1st, we fill our cups with java and raise a toast to America’s favorite caffeinated beverage for International Coffee Day.

Why You Should Celebrate Coffee Every day:

  • Having a ritual each day is a great way to keep yourself organized. Many people include their morning brew or afternoon coffee break in their daily routine.
  • Probably the most well-known benefit of coffee is it makes you feel more awake! Whether it is a morning wake up or a midday pick-me-up, the caffeine in coffee provides the perfect boost in energy to help fuel productivity.
  • Coffee is available virtually everywhere. No matter where your travels take you, it is very unlikely that you will have a hard time sourcing a cup of coffee; though it may be slightly different than the cup of joe you are used to.  This universally beloved beverage often has a unique cultural tradition depending on which country you are in. Check out a few different ways you can order coffee around the world.

9 Tips to Celebrate International Coffee Day:

  1. Score a free brew. On International Coffee Day tons of popular chains join in the celebration by offering free or discounted coffee.
  2. Experiment with new brewing method. Kick it old school with a classic French press, or go all out with a futuristic coffee brewing gadget like the Chemex Ottomatic which guarantees a perfect pour over every time.
  3. Treat yourself to a coffee spa treatment. A popular caffeinated treatment is an exfoliating massage with a scrub made of coffee grounds.
  4. Treat a friend to a cup of joe. After all, coffee is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Pick up an extra cup for your friend, partner, or colleague!
  5. Indulge in some coffee infused treats. Because the only thing better than drinking coffee is eating it! Try these cold brew cordial chocolates from Sugarfina.
  6. Relax and unleash your creative side with this coffee themed stress relief adult coloring book.
  7. Try reusable straws. One of the biggest drawbacks of coffee is that it can stain your teeth. This is no longer a concern thanks to coffee straws! And you’ll get bonus points for helping to reduce waste!
  8. Sign up for a coffee subscription. If you don’t live in a coffee metropolis where java from around the world is readily available, you can simply subscribe to get the best coffee delivered straight to your door!
  9. Test each of our recommended coffee and pastry pairings until you find your perfect match. Trade Coffee is one of our favorites!

Drink up and enjoy International Coffee Day!

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