Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

May 03, 2021

Apples? Cliche. Candy? Trust us, they’ll get a ton. So what’s a Teacher Appreciation gift teachers actually want? We’ve got a few ideas. Before you default to gift cards for this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, check out these unique teacher gift ideas they’ll love and use.

Erin Condren Teacher Planner

It’s no wonder the Erin Condren Teacher Planners are a teacher favorite. They’re adorable, durable, and designed specifically for teachers’ schedules.

Coffee or Tea Gift Set

Early mornings and long days mean caffeine-related teacher appreciation gifts are always a hit. Gift your teacher a coffee of the month subscription like Atlas Coffee and let them experience some of the best coffee from growing regions around the world. It is a thoughtful and tasty way to keep them well-caffeinated year round!

Smart Coffee Mugs

On that note, it’s a lot more enjoyable to sip that coffee when it’s hot – no easy feat for a teacher. Treat your favorite teacher to an Ember Mug², and they’ll actually get to enjoy their entire cup of coffee at their preferred drinking temp no matter how hectic their mornings may be.

Teachers Pay Teachers Class Fund

Teachers Pay Teachers is a favorite site among teachers for good reason. Teachers can purchase lessons and resources from other amazing teachers – it’s a win-win. But most teachers have to use their own money to buy them. A TpT Class Fund is a great way to help teachers buy the resources they need without dipping into their own pocketbooks! Ask the teacher you love if they have a Class Fund already, or offer to fund their first one!

Custom Stamps/Embossers

Teachers are constantly loaning books and resources to other teachers and students, so these customizable “From the Library of” stamps are a cute yet practical way to make sure they get them back. For a more sophisticated touch, go for this customizable embosser!

Flexible Seating

It’s a growing classroom trend for a reason – flexible seating lets students move and get comfortable in a way that helps them focus best. A classroom with flex seating usually includes multiple options like bean bags, floor cushions, wobble stools, and exercise balls. If the teacher you love has their eye on a flexible seating option, Teacher Appreciation Week is a great time to check something off that wish list!

Canvas Tote Bag

A sturdy tote bag is a teacher’s best friend when they have to lug papers, projects, books, and lesson plans from school to home and back again. Baggu bags are a durable and affordable choice that can stand up to the wear-and-tear that comes with being a teacher. They also come in tons of unique designs that work for men and women.

Whatever you get for the teacher in your life, just be sure to offer some heartfelt thanks along with it. Knowing that they’ve made a difference is sometimes all a teacher really wants.

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