A person holds a White Ember Mug filled with coffee.

What Sets Ember Mugs Apart

July 19, 2023

There are many different coffee cup warmers and heated coffee mugs on the market. However, some folks don’t realize that the Ember Mug is not a mug warmer.

The Ember Mug is a smart mug that stands apart from its competition in both design and technology, making it a superior choice for both coffee aficionados and those who are just tired of their brew growing cold in the cup since reheated coffee tastes really bad.

Here is how the mug works and its unique features to give you a better idea of what makes the Ember Mug such a special self-heating coffee mug. 


How Does the Ember Mug Work?

The majority of “smart mug” designs today are little more than fancy-looking cups on a small hot plate. The problem with this design is that coffee can easily become overheated or unevenly heated, thus causing bitterness and other unsavory issues.

Ember is not your average smart mug, with three key differentiators: design, mobility, and functionality.



A woman gently holds a white Ember Mug

First, the Ember Mug technology is far different from most offerings as the mug’s temperature is controlled by a dual-band microprocessor-controlled heating system and four precision sensors that continually measure your beverage’s temperature. When the coffee’s warmth threatens to fall, the sensors heat the smart mug’s stainless steel core, producing a consistent and even temperature for the optimal drinking experience.

Additionally, the coaster that accompanies the Ember Mug is not a hot plate (as most others are), but a charging station that fuels the mug’s lithium-ion battery technology.

Second, this mug boasts an incredibly sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The design of the Ember Mug was masterfully sculpted to fit in your hand, featuring contoured curves and a premium soft-touch finish. This makes Ember Mug great to look at and a wonderful hand-warming mug.

Adding to the overall design is the weight of the mug. The Ember Mug is perfectly weighted to fit in the palm of a person’s hand and provide a quality-made feel.



If you are a person who is constantly on the go, Ember’s Mug is a step above the rest. The heat plate that most other smart mugs provide ties you to the coaster to keep your coffee warm. However, since Ember is a self-heating coffee mug powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, you can take it anywhere you need to go and still maintain the perfect temperature.

Alternatively, you can add the Ember Sliding Lid to double the battery life of the Ember Mug, or pick up the Ember Travel Mug and use it in conjunction with the Ember Car Charger to stay charged no matter where you go.



No matter which mug option you each, each is controlled by an intuitive, easy-to-use application that allows you to set your beverage to the ideal temperature for your enjoyment and keep it at that level. This means that you can completely customize your coffee-drinking preferences like never before.

If you forget to turn off the Ember Mug, the built-in sleep mode will turn it off after two hours of inactivity, automatically waking back up when it senses movement. This feature makes Ember one of the safest smart mugs available.


How Ember Enhances Coffee-Drinking Enjoyment

The Ember Mug makes for a more delightful cup of coffee. Because of the technology driving the mug, coffee will stay at a consistent temperature, thereby preserving the brew’s aromas and flavors. At the same time, this makes reheating unnecessary, which is good since doing so could heat it unevenly and burn the coffee.

Additionally, while this piece has focused on coffee, you can sip and savor any hot beverage out of an Ember Mug, including tea, cocoa, hot cocktails, and anything else your heart desires.


Life is busy and throws lots of interruptions our way all the time. Grab an Ember Mug today and make sure that your coffee is still perfectly warm through all of life’s little distractions.


A 10 oz and 14 oz Ember Mug² in White sit next to each other.

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