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Designed for use on the go, the Ember Travel Mug allows you to set your preferred drinking temperature, then maintains it, so your coffee or tea tastes perfect from first sip to last drop.


The Ember Guarantee

We know you need a product that just works. That’s why we back up our commitment to you with our comprehensive returns policy. For any purchase made directly through Ember.com*, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have an Ember beyond 30 days and are experiencing product issues, don’t worry, we offer a one-year limited warranty. That way you can enjoy your favorite temperature and we can worry about the little things.

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*Please note, the 30-day money back guarantee only applies to purchases made through Ember.com, and does not apply to purchases made through third party retailers.

The Ember App

The Ember Travel Mug (CAN) is a connected device that requires the use of the Ember app. The Ember app will notify you once your drink has reached your preferred temperature.

Remotely adjust to your ideal temperature

Name your Travel Mug

Choose and save your presets for different drinks

Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Download the Ember app for your phone or watch

Product Details

Ember Travel Mug Product Details

What's in the box:

  • Matte black Ember Travel Mug
  • Push-to-open lid
  • Charging Coaster

Product Specs:

  • Capacity: 12oz. 
  • Weight: 1lb 
  • Size: 8 x 3.12 x 2.75 inches
  • Temperature range: 120° F - 145° F
  • IPX7 rated (fully submersible under water) 
  • Cleaning: hand wash body, dishwasher safe lid

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ember? How does it work?

The difference between the Ember Travel Mug, and a normal travel mug is that, anything can keep something "Hot" for hours, but only the Ember Travel Mug can keep something at your perfect drinking temperature.

The Ember Travel Mug uses seven temperature sensors, a rapid cooling system, a microprocessor-controlled heating system, and temperature presets to easily dial in your perfect temperature.

How do I use Ember?

It's easy! Simply pour in your favorite hot beverage, tap the "Ember" logo, and rotate the dial on the base of the mug to choose the temperature that tastes right for you. You can also connect Ember to your smartphone via Bluetooth, by downloading the Ember app. The Ember app will notify you when your beverage has hit the perfect drinking temperature.

Can I use Ember without pairing to a phone?

Yes! Your Ember Travel Mug can be used completely independent of the phone by rotating the dial on the bottom of the mug to select your temperature. Using the mug independently will limit you from customizing specific features from the Ember mobile app such as adding a name or assigning presets to different drinks.

How long does the battery last?

The Ember Travel Mug was designed to last for two, one hour drinking cycles giving it an average battery life of approximately two hours.

The battery life depends on a number of external factors such as: external temperature, liquid temperature at pour, speed of liquid consumption, set temperature, whether the lid is on or off, and much more.

Is Ember compatible with my phone?

Ember is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. System Requirements: iOS 8.0+, iPhone 4s or later, iPod touch (5th Gen or later), Android 5.0 & BLE 4.0 or later