A Summer Night Delight: S’mores Mocha

A Summer Night Delight: S’mores Mocha

August 07, 2023

As summer nights grow longer and the air carries a hint of a cool breeze, our hearts are drawn to the warmth of a crackling campfire. There's something magical about gathering around the dancing flames, surrounded by the company of loved ones, sharing stories and laughter under a starlit sky. And what better way to celebrate these moments of togetherness than with the quintessential campfire treat that evokes a sense of nostalgia like no other— s'mores.

August 10th is National S'mores Day which means it's time to indulge in a delicious twist on this beloved classic. Picture yourself nestled in a cozy blanket, cradling a steaming mug that exudes the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, luscious chocolate, and topped with fire toasted marshmallows. It's the S'mores Mocha, a drink that transcends mere flavors and transports you to a place where cherished memories are made.


  • 1 whole Graham Cracker
  • 1 Cup (237 ml)  Milk
  • 2 Tablespoons (30 ml) Chocolate Syrup (Plus a little for drizzling on top)
  • Regular Marshmallows or Mini Marshmallows (whichever you prefer)
  • ½ Cup (118 ml) Strong brewed coffee


  1. Add freshly brewed coffee to your mug.
  2. On medium low heat add your milk and chocolate syrup in a saucepan, stirring until the mixture is warm. Want the milk extra creamy? Just froth it to your liking!
  3. Add the chocolate milk to your mug and stir.
  4. Roast some marshmallows in a toaster on a foil sheet or cook them with a torch if you have one. But not too long! We don’t want burnt marshmallows in our mocha!
  5. Place the toasted marshmallows on top of your mocha.
  6. Drizzle chocolate syrup over marshmallows.
  7. Break off one piece of graham cracker and use it as a stirrer for the mocha. It's also a great tool to spoon out a marshmallow!

Ember Tips


Give Your S’mores Latte Some Extra Pizazz

Before crafting your mocha, prep your vessel! Brush the rim of your mug with some honey, then take some crushed graham cracker and roll the rim of your mug. This will elevate your mocha on both texture and taste!

Want to add a little something extra to your mocha? Add one shot of your favorite Scotch or Bourbon to really add some smokey smooth flavor.

Regardless of the additions you decide to put in your S’mores Mocha, be sure to enjoy it in an Ember Mug or Ember Cup for maximum enjoyment.

Happy Trails!

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