How to Create a Coffee Nook at Home

How to Create a Coffee Nook at Home

April 27, 2021

Looking for some motivation to get you through those long work-from-home days? Style your very own coffee nook to brighten up your mornings. Get inspired and design your new favorite spot in the house with these simple and affordable coffee bar ideas.

Maximize your space

First, you’ll need to find or create that perfect spot for your coffee bar. Underutilized areas of your kitchen (like that awkward corner of the countertop or that undersized cabinet) may not be functional for cooking, but they work beautifully as coffee stations. If you’re short on counter space but have plenty of spare floor space, a beverage cart or small kitchen island make great coffee bars, too.

Choose a design theme/color scheme

Before you add a ton of cute signs and canisters to your Amazon cart, envision what your ideal coffee bar setup looks like. What colors and design style match your kitchen? Do you want your space to be bright and colorful? Modern and minimal? Rustic and cozy? Whatever your style, just remember it’s easy to overdesign a small space, so start simple and you can always add more decorative elements down the line.

Stock your coffee bar

Now for the fun part: stocking and decorating your coffee bar. Here are some of our must-have coffee nook essentials.

Your favorite coffee gear

A great home coffee bar is just as functional as it is stylish, so your favorite coffee gear should always be easily accessible. With the right setup, your coffee station will help you streamline your mornings and make your daily brewing ritual more enjoyable. Display your go-to coffee makers and favorite mugs, and keep less-used gear stored in the shelves/cabinets above or below.

Of course, no coffee bar is complete for us without an Ember Mug². Stylish and sleek, they look great with any decor. With precise temperature control to keep your drink at your preferred temperature, it’s sure to become your daily go-to mug.

Matchings canisters and containers

If you have open shelving near your kitchen coffee station, decorative canisters are the perfect way to store spare coffee, tea, sugar, and other add-ins you want to keep close by without having them out in the open. Not only do they give your kitchen coffee station a clean, put-together look, but they also help minimize clutter by concealing the not-so-aesthetically pleasing daily items. Design options are unlimited, so go for a set that matches your taste!


Adding a small potted succulent or other plant is a sophisticated way to brighten up any coffee bar. They take up minimal space and blend effortlessly with almost any decorative style.

The little things

An antique spoon, a wooden coffee scoop, or a beautiful serving tray are a few special little touches that can help add a little joy to your morning routine.

It’s fine to aspire to a Pinterest-worthy coffee bar, but remember to have fun with the process and create a space that works for you. Ultimately, all that matters is that you love your space (and your coffee!).

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