Glass teapot/infuser pouring tea into an Ember Mug²: Copper Edition on a marble countertop. A Bouquet of dried pink and cream flowers rests in the background.

4 Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month With Ember

January 24, 2022

Creating healthy habits is something that most of us aim to achieve with the fresh slate of a new year. Many find motivation to hit the gym, while others look to focus their good intentions on feeding their mind, body, and soul with a well-balanced diet and a refresher of choice to complement it - like tea.

There are countless different types of teas out there, and the benefits of tea drinking have been well-documented by many. Therefore, understanding the health benefits of tea (and picking out the right ones) can help you to feel fantastic. If you are looking for small things that can lead to big changes in the way you feel, then start with incorporating these three healthful teas by Firebelly Tea into your day.


Unwind with a green tea skin treatment

Green tea contains an antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate, proven to rejuvenate skin cells. It is also packed with Vitamins B and E, which are essential for improving skin elasticity and creating a healthy, hydrated glow. It’s no wonder green tea is a key ingredient in many hair and skin treatments across the globe. From anti-redness facials at upscale spas to at-home exfoliating scrubs, indulge in the ultra soothing benefits of green tea this month.


Host a tea party

It seems fitting to celebrate this ancient beverage with the time-honored tradition of afternoon tea. Traditionally held at 3 p.m., afternoon tea is a time to gather your closest friends for a few hours of socializing, snacking, and sipping. Bake some tea-infused sweet treats, such as green tea cupcakes, chamomile macarons, or Earl Grey cookies to share with your guests. And impress them with the perfect cuppa by following our How to Make a Proper Cup of Tea guide.


Try a new hot tea recipe

Commemorate your preferred drink by putting a new twist on an original recipe. From unique herbal infusions to craft chai lattes, the possibilities are endless when experimenting with a new tea recipe. Green tea drinkers will love the vibrant flavors of a Cinnamon Matcha Latte. Add a splash of lemon, honey, or milk for a quick change to your usual drink.


Treat yourself to an Ember mug

Although this month is all about celebrating tea, take this time to treat yourself with a new Ember mug to take your morning sips to the next level. Our heated mugs are equipped with smart technology, helping you steep the perfect cup with temperature presets, tea timers, and recipe recommendations.

Now that you better understand the health benefits of tea, you can work these drinks into your routine in the New Year, But no matter which of these beneficial teas you are drinking or what time of day you are drinking them, be sure to get the most out of your tea by keeping it warm in your Ember Mug².


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