10 Smart Home Gadgets to Upgrade Your Wedding Registry

June 28, 2019

10 Smart Home Gadgets to Upgrade Your Wedding Registry

Many people will argue that building the wedding registry is actually the best part of an engagement; however, determining which gifts for the new home to choose can be overwhelming. While linens and silverware are standard essentials, it is also important to think outside the box. Your wedding registry is an opportunity to create the newlywed home of your dreams, so consider including a few of these sleek, smart home gadgets to elevate your home to the next level.

Below we have rounded up the 10 best tech gifts for the ultimate wedding wishlist.

Ember Mug

This smart mug is a morning routine game changer. Ember ensures you and your partner will never have to endure a cold cup of coffee again, no matter how hectic your morning gets. Use the Ember app to select your precise drinking temperature (120°F-145°F) and the mug will maintain it to the exact degree, so your hot beverage can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Cheers to that!

Nest Cam Security Camera

Smart home devices might seem like a luxury, but they are also very practical. When creating a new home together, security is often a top priority. Get peace of mind with the Nest Cam home security camera. They have indoor and outdoor cameras available that can both be managed with the app.

June Oven

The June Oven will replace your convection oven, toaster, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler and warming drawer. This super oven is both cost and space efficient. Don’t know the correct temperature to cook your food? No problem! The internal food camera automatically recognizes the food type and will begin cooking an easy romantic meal for you and your partner.

Belkin Wemo Smart Plug

This converter will turn any wired product in the home into a smart device that can be controlled from an app. Lights, speakers, coffee makers, you name it!

Molekule Air Purifier

Finally, an air purifier that looks like a work of art! The Molekule is remarkably quiet, and produces air that is free of bacteria, dust, and pet hair. It is incredibly lightweight and portable, and is powerful enough for large rooms, up to 600 square feet! Enjoy newlywed bliss with pristine air. The best part? You can control it all on an app on your phone.

Coravin Model Eleven Wine Preservation System

This is the first bluetooth connected and fully automatic Wine Preservation System. The system includes an aerator, base, carry case, and screw caps, which allow you to enjoy your wine faster, easier, and longer. The device also connects to the Coravin Moments App, where you can check your system stats and get wine recommendations that pair best with the food and entertainment you both enjoy.


This digital frame provides you with access to over $3 billion worth of rare and famous artwork, as well as designs from emerging artists. The Meural Canvas is Bluetooth enabled, and is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. You're able to easily change the artwork on your wall with the swipe of your finger, or the sound of your voice. Witness magic on your walls every day!

Philips Hue Smart Bulb Kit

These wirelessly enabled smart light bulbs glow in every color under the sun to create the perfect ambiance for your newlywed home. They can also be brightened, dimmed, or turned off completely remotely with the touch of a button on your app.

Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps

This French cooking tool promises perfect meals every time! Joule is controlled with an advanced app that lets you pick the exact temperature you like. Since it is a standalone tool, it can be used with basic kitchen equipment, like your favorite pots and pans, standard plastic bags and your smartphone, no additional tools are required!

Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale

This smart drink scale will put you in the running for hosts of the year by providing the perfect pour every time. It also connects to tons of great online recipes. Serve your specialty hot cocktails in the Ember Mug²: Copper Edition to maintain the hot-tails ideal drinking temperature for your guests.

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