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Celebrate Father’s Day With Gifts and Activities

June 15, 2022

With summer rapidly approaching, Father’s Day is just around the corner on June 19th. While a Father’s Day card and some great tech gifts for dad are certainly in order, why not go the extra mile and show your father just how grateful you are to have him in your life by building the whole day around him?

If you are looking for Father’s Day ideas that will turn the day into a memorable occasion, look no further. Here are some fantastic gift and activity ideas for Father’s Day that are perfect for the dad, step-dad, grandfather, uncle, father-in-law, or other amazing father-figure in your life.


1. Start with Breakfast in Bed

Dad probably already saw your mom get spoiled with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, so it’s only right that he receives the same treatment. Start Father’s Day off on the perfect foot by whipping up his favorite breakfast and serving the perfect cup of coffee in a brand new metallic Ember Mug².

If your dad is a big coffee connoisseur, you might also consider signing him up for a gourmet coffee subscription box and beginning his special day with a new brew on Father’s Day as well.


2. Take Him on an Afternoon Adventure

With his morning coffee handled, next up is to get the family together and head out on an afternoon adventure. Depending on your dad’s interests and personality, here are a handful of different Father’s Day activities to check out:

Go Bowling

Bowling is something that most dads enjoy, even if they don’t do it often. Getting to go bowling with the entire family is sure to result in some smiles, laughs, and great Father’s Day memories.

Chuck Some Axes

If you are interested in unique Father’s Day gifts, taking him ax throwing is sure to be an experience he won’t forget anytime soon. Plus, there are few activities more macho than hurling an ax at a target, making for a perfect Father’s Day adventure.

Check Out an Escape Room

Is your dad into puzzles and games? Consider putting him in the middle of one by taking him to an escape room and work together to find clues to gain your freedom.

Head to a Museum

Maybe your dad is more reserved and thoughtful, seeking a peaceful day wrapped in culture. Visiting a local museum is sure to be a wonderful and relaxing afternoon for the whole family.


3. Do a Beer Tasting

If your dad is a coffee aficionado, he likely enjoys many of the finer things in life like craft beer. If this sounds like your dad, then a great Father’s Day idea is to head to a local brewery and do a beer tasting by ordering a sampler of their available brews.

However, if you don’t have a local brewery, then consider getting a small beer brewing kit and taking the afternoon to cook up a Father’s Day lager or ale. While he can’t drink it on Father’s Day, he will certainly look back on the day fondly when it comes time to crack open a bottle.


4. Fire Up the Grill

Is there any better way to round out Father’s Day than having some homemade barbecue?

Stop by the store and grab some burgers, a rack of ribs, and some sides. Get ready to have a Father’s Day cookout by brewing some Summer Tisanes in your Ember Mug² to stay refreshed all day long!


5. Have a Backyard Movie Night

With the day coming to a close, bellies full, and merriment made, close out the day by projecting one of dad’s favorite movies on the wall and have a backyard movie night with the whole family. Unwind from the excitement of Father’s Day with a divine Tequila Sunset while surrounded by your loved ones.


6. Celebrating the Dad in Your Life

As our Founder and CEO Clay Alexander once said, “Being a father has completely changed my life, my perspective on the world and people, and my definition of love. It opens up a part of your brain that you didn’t know was there.”

Make sure that you show your dad how much you love and appreciate him by trying some of these Father’s Day ideas and check out Ember’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for awesome gifts that he can enjoy all year.


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