Favorite Coffee Drinks From Around the World

Favorite Coffee Drinks From Around the World

September 30, 2022

One of the many wonderful things about coffee is that it can be so versatile. Depending on where in the world a person is, there is a panoply of different types of coffee drinks to enjoy. From delicious Cafecito recipes to cool Black Jack cocktails, and beyond, there is no shortage of creative coffee concoctions.

As a way of celebrating International Coffee Day on October 1st, we will explore some of the best coffee in the world by sharing some of the tastiest caffeinated beverages from countries near and far.

Let’s get started!


Dalgona Whipped Coffee – South Korea

A coffee recipe that has swept through Tiktok, Dalgona Whipped coffee is a South Korean coffee beverage that looks like serving milk chocolate mousse over milk.

Laden with sweet toffee flavors, Dalgona whipped coffee is made using equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and boiling water, beating them all together in a heat-proof bowl to introduce as much air as possible. The thicker the whip becomes, the less bitter it will taste.

Spoon one to two tablespoons over 80 ounces of warm or cold milk and enjoy!


Flat White – Australia

While there is some debate over whether the flat white recipe originally came out of Australia or New Zealand, what is not up for debate is the popularity of this drink.

An espresso-based drink that is often compared to a latte but smaller, flat whites have a strong coffee flavor with a very light, velvety, steamed milk foam on top. Hence the name “flat.”


Bulletproof Coffee – United States

What some might call the best coffee in the world in terms of health benefits, bulletproof coffee recipes have become quite popular in the United States thanks to their originator, Dave Asprey.

Sometimes referred to as butter coffee, this caffeinated concoction ditches the milk in sugar in favor of grass-fed butter.

Yep, butter.

As a result, this thick, buttery latte is one of the key morning building blocks for folks on the ketogenic or paleo diet. However, keeping it warm is critical as the butter can solidify if it cools down. Therefore, this coffee beverage is best served in a heated coffee mug like the Ember Mug².


Oaxacan Coffee – Mexico

Pronounced, “wuh-hah-kuhn,” this Hot-Tail from Mexico harmoniously blends smoky mezcal with sweet coffee liqueur and bitter fresh brewed coffee and finishes it off with the spice of cinnamon.

Simply pour mezcal, coffee liquor, and hot coffee into a glass shaker to create a unique and heavenly type of coffee drink to enjoy on International Coffee Day.


Café – France

Café, which translates to “coffee” in English, is one of the simplest yet most iconic coffee drinks to try for this caffeine-fueled holiday.

Café is simply a short, sharp, bold shot of espresso served in a demitasse and enjoyed in a leisurely manner. However, if you want to keep your café hot while you sit back and reflect, it is best to serve it in a temperature-controlled Ember Cup.


Affogato – Italy

Hailing from Italy, the affogato is a traditional creamy, hot coffee treat that contains espresso and vanilla gelato.

Made by simply pouring espresso over one or two scoops of vanilla gelato (or ice cream if you are making it at home) this is a perfect after-dinner delight to round out International Coffee Day.

If you want to make it decadent, include a shot of coffee liqueur or amaretto to add a new flavor profile into the mix.

But no matter which way you make yours, make sure to eat it before the gelato melts completely!


Enjoying Different Coffee Drinks from Around the World

Those are some of the best coffees from around the world for you to try out during International Coffee Day. Of course, this list is by no means extensive, but only a small sampling of the many different kinds of coffee around the world.

However, no matter which one you choose to celebrate with, be sure to drink it out of an Ember Mug² or Ember Cup to get the best experience possible.


  Ember Mug² in white on a marble countertop with a cream speckled wall.

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