Home Office Essentials That Will Make Your Work-From-Home Life So Much Easier

Home Office Essentials That Will Make Your Work-From-Home Life So Much Easier

April 15, 2020

Working remotely is the new normal. We’ve replaced our daily commutes with daily grinds that can be done from the couch. Here are some home office essentials that will make working from home work for you.

Ember Mug²

A heated coffee mug is a must. No need to constantly be leaving your Zoom meetings to reheat your coffee in the microwave. Ember Mug² allows you to set an exact drinking temperature and maintain it for up to 90 minutes. Take this heated coffee mug with you from the patio to the dining room table, and everywhere in between, to ensure your beverage is perfectly warm all day long.


Is your daily coffee starting to fall flat? Get experimental in the kitchen with a creative coffee recipe from Holistic Integrative Nutritionist, Courtney Swan. Her Immunity Supporting Coffee Elixir is chock-full of health benefits thanks to its adaptogenic ingredients. This dairy-free, sugar-free latte is great for your gut health and stress management, while keeping you alert and focused on your work.


Noise canceling headphones could be the answer to removing distractions around the house. Beats by Dre offers several options great for listening to music, podcasts, or ambient noise while you work. You can also take calls hands-free with the built-in microphone.


Bring the outdoors in by adding plants and succulents to your indoor decor. Studies have shown having plants inside can boost productivity, concentration, and creativity, which are all ingredients needed for a successful day at the home office. Plants can also absorb toxins and clean indoor air, contributing to a healthier environment.

Standing Desk

If you’re lucky enough to have an ergonomically sound desk at your office but don’t want to invest in one for your home, construct your own for a health-conscious fix. You can use materials around your house (like all those delivery boxes you’ve been receiving) to make a comfortable desk that won’t require you to be sedentary all day long.


Need something on your devices to keep you sane and entertained? There’s an app for that. House Party is like a cooler version of Zoom, allowing up to five people to virtually hang out and chat on camera. When you want a fun distraction, download TikTok to see the latest social media video craze and to master a viral dance routine. If unplugging is an issue, Daywise pauses your notifications and only alerts you during set hours, preventing work from interrupting your free time.

Music Playlist

While working from home, good music can help keep you focused and in-the-zone. Get into the right headspace with our Stay Home Essentials playlist, curated virtually & collaboratively by all of us Ember employees working from home.

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