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5 Tips for Staying Warm in Cold Weather

February 25, 2022

When cold weather approaches, it’s essential to brainstorm creative ways to stay warm. Whether you’re taking the dog for a walk on a chilly morning or staying indoors on a snowy day, stay toasty this winter with these tips.


1. Eat heat-inducing foods

During winter, comfort foods like grilled cheese sandwiches and creamy bisques might be tempting. However, if you want to warm up from within, add a few thermogenesis-inducing superfoods to your diet. Thermogenesis is a process that increases the body's temperature when breaking down certain foods like healthy fats, root vegetables, spices, and fruit. Ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, and kale are in winter dishes because of their ability to increase the body's temperature.


2. Bundle up with extra layers

It may seem obvious, but adding a few extra layers of clothing is one of the easiest ways to stay warm during chillier months. Make your layers count by investing in quality clothing pieces like puffer jackets, fleece-lined leggings, and thermal socks. Look for outerwear made with water-repellant or quick-drying fabrics so leftover snow or rain won’t leave you soaked.


3. Dress your windows with insulated curtains

If you’re wearing layers of cozy sweaters and jackets, dress your windows to match. Swap out thin linen curtains for thicker fabrics to keep your home warm and toasty. Drapes made from thicker materials like velvet, wool, or fleece will prevent any cold air from sneaking through your windows.


4. Sip a hot beverage

From herbal teas to craft cocoas, there are a wide variety of hot drinks you can enjoy this winter that will keep you toasty. Because cinnamon can raise your body temperature, experiment with new cinnamon-based drinks like a refreshing bourbon apple cider or a spiced matcha latte. If you prefer to stick to the classics, ginger tea and black coffee have thermogenic properties that will leave you feeling warmer in no time.


5. Heat up with an Ember Mug

Keep yourself feeling warm from the inside out with an Ember Mug² in your hands. After you’ve made your favorite hot drink, set your Ember mug to the perfect temperature using your smartphone. Savor the warmth between your palms for up to three hours. Our smart mugs are designed with the most advanced lithium-ion batteries and multiple precision sensors to ensure that both you and your drink stay warm for hours.



Ember Mug²: Copper Edition on a marble countertop with a cream speckled wall.



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