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Ginseng Oolong Teabags | Sachets

This oolong tea has a rich sweetness that lingers from the first sip to the last.


Originating in Fujian, China, the tea is harvested and then rolled in a ball. The cultivators then repeat a special firing process until the tea is completely naturally processed. It's then finished with ginseng powder and dried so it can be brewed into a wonderful cup of tea that will bring you sustained energy throughout the day.


Tasting Notes: Maple, osmanthus, sweet mint

Type: Sachets

Origin: Fujian, China

Process: Hand-rolled, fired, dried

About Onyx Coffee Labs

Embracing a "Never Settle for Good Enough" philosophy has become the driving force behind Onyx's exceptional coffees and teas. Their relentless pursuit of the finest products takes them to various corners of the world, where they meticulously select and roast beans or harvest their tea blends. This commitment to quality extends to their transparent pricing and trade data, allowing customers to trace the journey of each product, from farm to cup. Moreover, their dedication to education shines through comprehensive training programs, ensuring that everyone, from baristas to coffee/tea enthusiasts, can savor the excellence and warm hospitality that define Onyx's cafes and products.

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