Couplet Coffee USA

The Espresso for Everyone Blend



A contemporary coffee blend designed to delight coffee enthusiasts of all kinds. Crafted from a harmonious blend of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian beans, it promises a multifaceted flavor experience. While it excels as an espresso, we've carefully considered its potential for various brewing methods. We encourage you to explore its versatility, even as a drip brew.


Roast: Light / Medium

Origin: Brazil, Nicaragua, and Peru

Tasting Notes: A harmony of tastes from Brazil, Nicaragua, and Peru.


A queer-owned, woman-owned business aiming to make coffee more approachable. Couplet's mission is to produce no secrets, no gatekeeping, no confusing information - just "ridiculously delicious coffee you can prepare however you like."

Why we like it

It's USDA organic and ethically sourced.

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